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Become a Change Leader with People Club

The impact of Digital Transformation requires a change of pace, not only in technological but also cultural terms. Organizations need leaders who can drive change by changing obsolete approaches and ways of working. Currently the first sponsor of Digital Transformation is the CEO, but the HR is acquiring an increasingly important role in corporate innovation processes, as confirmed by 32% of the respondents of our research dedicated to the impact of digital transformation on people.

For this reason, in Talent Garden we have created People Club, a community dedicated to innovators in the world of human resources, with the aim of enhancing the role of the HR as Game Changer. After the success of the last edition, People Club is renewed with a program full of activities developed to make knowledge sharing and generate innovative solutions capable of having a profound impact on the business.

The Program

A journey guided by open innovation methodologies that allow you to get out of the self-referential logic typical of traditional organizational models, creating synergies, cognitive wealth and critical thinking through the comparison between different points of view.

Inspirational Talks

Two monthly meetings focused on the hottest issues in the world of human resources. Moments of inspiration and confrontation to share best practices and explore the challenges of Digital Transformation.

Where and when
Online, from July 2020

Transformational Meetings

3 inspirational and knowledge sharing meetings with international speakers from the Business and HR world to discover trends, technologies, tools and success stories around the topics new way of working, new customer and new business model themes.

Where and When
Online, 16 July 2020
Online, 17 September 2020
Online, 19 November 2020

Digital Humans Hackathon

The program ends with a hackathon to generate innovative and effective ideas to solve the challenges that emerged from the Transformational Meetings, a concrete way to inspire strategic business choices.

Where and When
Online, 17 December 2020

Discovery Trip in Israel

3 days to get to know the Israeli innovation ecosystem (world leader for startups per capita), get in touch with innovative realities in the HR world and discover cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize obsolete ways of working.

Where and When
Israel, 2021

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Why joining

By joining the People Club community you will have the opportunity to:

  1. discover trends, technologies and innovations to enable change in your company
  2. actively contribute to the dialogue between the HR and Business function, increasing awareness of change dynamics and strategies
  3. analyze concretely on the critical issues imposed by Digital Transformation and co-create, in the first person, solutions to be applied in one’s own context
  4. develop a new mindset and be immersed in the Talent Garden ecosystem, a physical and learning space full of professionals capable of using different languages and doing business in a different way
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People Club 2019

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Digital HR

The HR of the future

A leader for Digital Transformation

To better understand the phenomenon of digital transformation in relation to the impact on people, to the changes it is generating in terms of processes, structures, roles and skills, we have carried out a research that outlines the characteristics and skills of the HR of the future.

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