Talent Garden’s mission is to create local, vibrant, globally connected campuses that empower digital & tech communities.

Innovation is to experience change as an opportunity

And for us, opportunities start with people, and the desire to have an impact on the world around us.
We support and guide Corporates along a path of exploration and development in digital transformation, connecting them with a European network of talents and partners in the technological sector. Our projects, developed with over 300 large companies in various industries from telecommunications to pharmaceuticals, healthcare to banking, food to consumer goods, are always based on three key elements.

Corporate Education, to generate value within the company thanks to the acquisition and constant updating of strategic and technical skills to face the challenges of Digital Transformation.

Open Innovation, to broaden its vision and develop innovative ideas thanks to the comparison with the best European and global startups that are developing new business approaches.

Prototyping, through the connection and collaboration with the innovative talents from our network, we give concrete form to their ideas.